• Measures over unlimited ranges no calculations
  • Jobsite rugged
  • Zero anywhere within range
  • Measures with paper-thin precision to 0.005
  • Replaces rotary lasers; faster and easier
  • True one-person operation
  • Read elevations directly in digits without math
  • No line-of-sight issues or factory calibration
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Made In The USA

The ZipLevel 

This product replaces or supplements rotary lasers and builders levels. ZipLevel sets up quickly and easily, allowing true 1-person operation. Levels and reads elevations directly in inches, feet or meters. NO rods, tripods, line-of-sight issues or calculations needed. NO error with distance and NO factory calibration is ever needed. Fields of application: Estimating, Designing, Landscaping, Hardscapes and Heavy Construction.