Weber Reversible Compactors

Weber Reversible Compactors provide optimum compaction, trouble-free operation, supreme ease of maintenance and reliable quality ensuring long operating hours.  Weber Reversible Compactors have become a yardstick of modern engineering, because progressive development and sophisticated manufacturing technology have been incorporated into a new concept. Fields of application: Landscaping, Hardscapes and Heavy Construction.

Weber MT’s heavier reversible compactors (CR6-CR12) also offer the option of state-of-the-art COMPATROL. The first continuous compaction control system where the vibration of the base plate is increased or decreased based on the soil conditions. The results are displayed on the control panel and tell you when optimal compaction is reached. This allows for less reworking of an area with no over compaction, and gives a more uniform compaction due to a continuous compaction measurement.


  • Unsurpassed Machine Quality
  • CR Series Compaction Force 4,500 – 27,000 lbs
  • Forward and Reverse Travel
  • Infinitely variable hydraulic control
  • Diesel version with engine guard
  • Low-maintenance self-adjusting clutch
  • Quick loading, due to a large fixed lifting lug
  • Optional Polyurethane Pad & Wheel Kit
  • Optional 24″ and 28″ Plate Extensions
  • 2 Year Warranty