Norton Clipper Masonry Saws

Norton Clipper BBM BlockBuster Mini Masonry Saws The innovative design of these small Mini Masonry Saws (dry or wet) has been copied many times over due to its compact all-steel unibody construction, giving the best weight to strength distribution. A 14″ blade capacity and ergonomically-designed, three-position locking, cutting head provides a safe, clear view of the work area. Comes with features such as overload protection, garden hose connection, and a channeled, flow water pan to direct dust and slurry away from the operator.

Norton Clipper BBC Compact Masonry Saws These Compact Masonry Saws have 14″ or 20″ blade capacity.  They combine the performance of a full-size masonry saw with convenient portability. Also available in gas or electric versions, the BBC saws have a rugged jig-welded frame durable enough for even the heaviest work load. Standard rear wheel dolly design and removable legs make transport and setup easy.

Norton Clipper BBL Large Masonry Saws Having introduced the first masonry saw over 70 years ago, the Norton Clipper BBL heavy-duty block saws have become the industry standard. A blade capacity up to 24″ and features of extended water pans and an open back frame allows cutting of larger materials. The balanced cutting head makes for effortless cutting depth positioning.


  • Easy to adjust cutting head left/right up/down
  • Clear view cutting system
  • Changing blades is fast and easy
  • Jig-welded all steel frames
  • Easy to move around the job site
  • Unique tilt-locking cart wheel design
  • Introduced the 1st masonry saw 70 years ago
  • 1 Year Warranty