HT Paver Tools

HT Paver Tools consist of a Paver Adjustor, Extractor, Lifter, Persuader and 3’x4’x5′ a Square.  These paver tools help the Hardscape Professional be more efficient, increase production, profits and ensure the quality of hardscape installations.

HT aSquare 3’x4’x5′  is used for paver layout. The aSquare folds up for storage, lightweight and rugged.  Perfect for 45 degree and 90-degree angles.

HT Paver Extractor is used for removing a single paver that has been already placed into the hardscapes.  Sometimes to replace a bad or cracked paver or to lift a section out that has settled.  Adjustable from 4″-10″ that can be adjusted quickly and easily to remove most pavers.

HT Paver Adjustor is used for aligning pavers that have not been compacted.  The adjustor features two handles and foot rest for applying pressure and a tempered steel blade.  This paver tool can also be used for loosening polymeric jointing sand before using the Paver Extractor tool.

HT Paver Persuader is a long metal handled hammer with angled rubber contacts that will NOT damage pavers. Ideal for moving pavers into the right position. The persuader will adjust a long line of pavers with a few taps.

HT Lifter is a tubular design to lift wall block around the Hardscape job site.  Adjustable to carry many wall block sizes.


  • Quality Construction
  • Easy to use tools
  • Speeds up job production
  • More precise installations
  • Replaceable metal blades and rubber heads
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Made in the USA