Boar Hog Diamond Blades

Boar Hog Diamond Blades are designed for long life cutting through a variety of materials.  Boar Hog has blades specifically designed for concrete pavers, natural stone, clay brick, cured concrete, concrete with steel, green concrete and asphalt.  These blades are made with quality materials and each blade comes with their own production number.  Boar Hog gives the Hardscape Professional the ability to use the right diamond blade for each specific type of hardscape installation.


  • Premium MP Blade 13,000+ cuts 2 3/8″ paver
  • Professional MP 23,000+ cuts 2 3/8″ paver
  • Durable and long lasting blades for Hardscapes
  • Multi-Purpose blades and cup wheels
  • Natural Stone blades and cup wheels
  • Clay Brick blades
  • Green Concrete and Asphalt blades